Harnessing the Power of Experiential Learning in your Training Programs

August 31, 2022 By Lisa Lavender M.T.R., M.F.S.R., M.W.R. Training is an important function in any operation and is critical to our companies’ effectiveness and efficiency. It has a direct impact […]

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8 Tips to Manage the Thousands of Details of a Restoration Business

Originally Published at R&R Magazine August 4, 2022 Lisa Lavender M.T.R., M.F.S.R., M.W.R. You’ve heard and can relate to the saying from Gustave Flaubert, “The devil is in the detail.” It refers […]

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Organizational Awareness Can Lead to Greatness

Strong organizational awareness skills have a positive impact on individual performance, company objectives and customer service. Read more!

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Documentation: Just Do It

Documentation is a key component to operational success. Although documentation is not a complicated task it has become a source of frustration among the industry. Read more!

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Top Tips for a Restoration STARTUP

It has been more than 20 years since my husband and I started our full-service restoration company. Today, I have the privilege to meet and share tips with others who are starting up.

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Use Your Words

The ability to clearly articulate and use the right words is important in our service to others, individual success, and organizational goals.

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