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How to Train Someone From Outside or Inside the Restoration Industry

Hiring outside the industry brings fresh ideas to your organization. It is a necessity for overcoming labor shortages and has many other advantages like avoiding the need to overcome bad […]

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The Motivation Paradigm

Lisa Lavender, M.T.R., M.F.S.R., M.W.R. and Stephanie Beattie There are any number of books and articles on leadership and management. There are articles on why there are so many books on leadership […]

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The Hiring Challenge And What Must Be Done

“Every problem is an opportunity in disguise.” ― John Adams Today, the hiring challenge is consistently one of the biggest strains on everyone in the industry. There is no crystal ball as […]

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Restoring Success: Transparency in Our Restoration Companies

Last month’s Restoring Success, Morale and Engagement Built on a Foundation of Trust, we explored the importance of trust and the leadership role in fostering a culture of positive morale and […]

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Morale and Engagement: Built on a Foundation of Trust

It is difficult to challenge the notion that good employee morale and strong engagement is important in our industry. In fact, being “happy” may be critical to our customer service. […]

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Restoring Success: A Fresh Look at Online Training

Online training, e-learning, virtual classrooms, and other terms are becoming a new norm. In the landscape of education, there are limitless resources that are accessible to us and applicable to […]

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