Some Things Old, New, Borrowed and Blue: Restoration Edition

Lisa Lavender, M.T.R., M.F.S.R., M.W.R. “To the man who only has a hammer, everything he encounters begins to look like a nail.” –Abraham Maslow As trainers, this quote is very powerful as it speaks to our skills, abilities, processes, technology, tools, equipment and supplies. It reminds us that we must constantly be evaluating new developments and […]

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Roll it Uphill: A Lesson in Leadership and Accountability

Lisa Lavender, M.T.R., M.F.S.R., M.W.R. In many cases, when leaders notice dysfunction, something goes wrong or someone does not meet an expectation, it is necessary to resist the blame game and begin by “rolling it uphill.” The objective is to bring about improvement and/or desired results. We may have all been guilty, at one time […]

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Organizational Awareness Can Lead to Greatness

Strong organizational awareness skills have a positive impact on individual performance, company objectives and customer service. Read more!

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