RTI & iRestore Press Release: RTI & iRestore Collaboration

March 9, 2023
Phone: 610-926-0223 | Email: lisa@RTILearning.com

Reading, PA, Restoration Technical Institute (RTILearning.com) and iRestore, Restoration Company
Management Software, Palm City, FL, have collaborated and integrated into their joint mission to provide solutions that help restorers serve their purpose and have positive business-driven results.

With the simple click of a button, iRestore users can now access MY LEARNING through Restoration Technical Institute’s signature product, the Digital Training Solution. iRestore customers have access to iRestore specific training videos as well as a variety of additional resources provided by RTI organized and housed in a digital learning management system designed to support training and implementation of the software solution. In addition to the software-specific training and resources that support employee development and operational success, users will have the option to upgrade their portal to gain access to more high-impact training and resources. This includes templates, SOPS, technical, operational, safety, and more via Restoration Technical Institute.

There was instant synergy and passion for serving the restoration industry when the Lavenders, owners of Restoration Technical Institute, and Ryan Smith, founder of iRestore met and became business partners. They each are restorers, so they have a keen insight into the challenges when designing, creating, and delivering solutions to the market. In 2020, RTI was forced to pivot as the core curriculum in the form of in-person training events came to a screeching halt. Although the mission did not change, RTI changed its course to embrace and harness the benefits of delivering training digitally. Lavender says, “Using software solutions and new approaches in Learning and Development is not new, it was just new for us in 2020. Many industries globally have been leveraging this approach for years.”

“We are a very collaborative software company embracing all opportunities to integrate and work with other solution developers to deliver customer success. This integration is an extension of our approach, and I am thrilled to offer our users another solution to one of their biggest pain points; onboarding, training, and development of the team.” Smith said.

Lisa Lavender exclaims, “I started in this industry in 2000 and had no idea where it would lead. In 2012, when we started RTI, it was out of the realization that I wanted to work with restorers and help to instill the pride and joy that comes from the opportunity of serving others. Personally, this integration is a dream come true.”

About Restoration Technical Institute:
Since 2012, Restoration Technical Institute has been an approved IICRC school and CEC provider that provides world-class training designed for those who serve the restoration, cleaning, and related industries. Offering three ways to learn through a digital training solution, live classes, and self-paced eLearning we provide knowledge, passion, and inspiration for the success of individuals and companies. We promote the application of Standards of Care, processes, and best practices. RTI believes in inspiring happiness, pride, and innovation in others.

About iRestore, Restoration Company Management Software:
Since 2012, iRestore has been providing a comprehensive software solution to power companies’ vision, values, and leadership. With a keen focus on developing tools and interfaces that support the success of each team member, iRestore believes in providing solutions to allow service providers to make a positive impact. Developing tools that drive business success by listening to users, focusing on business results, and keeping a pulse on challenges and opportunities, iRestore serves with a fierce passion with the user’s success in mind.