Organizational Awareness Can Lead to Greatness

August 5, 2021

Lisa Lavender, M.T.R., M.F.S.R., M.W.R. and Jon Isaacson

For years, I have believed that the soft skill piece of organizational awareness is a key to success and can be the root cause of many issues. Most importantly, it is a coachable skill. There are different spins and contexts to this competency, but all have one thing in common and that is that strong organizational awareness skills have a positive impact on individual performance, company objectives and customer service.   

Every function, position and individual within the company plays an important role contributing to the results of the company. People who perform consistently excellent typically have a well-developed sense of organizational awareness. As Jon Isaacson states, your focus as an organization is on learning to Do it RightDo it Efficiently, and Do it Excellently. When those in a position of leadership have a clear understanding of this simple vision, they can create training approaches to develop consistency in these key areas. Organizational awareness is achieved when you align your cultural norms with your stated expectations.   

There are two elements to organization awareness: 

  1. External: Understanding of how the organization interacts and presents itself to the outside world. Individuals with a keen understanding of organizational awareness regarding the external world around the organization can represent the company well, prioritize, and serve the customers using this sense and understanding.  
  2. Internal: Understanding of both formal and informal processes of the company, the culture, and how roles and responsibilities impact others and company outcomes.

Simple, Practical Examples:  

Driving in a Company Vehicle

Example A: An individual traveling 20 miles an hour over the speed limit cuts somebody off, who swerves and nearly hits another vehicle.   

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