A Look at the Benefits and Types of Automatic Moisture Tracking

April 4, 2014
Chuck Boutall

KEYWORDS: moisture detection / moisture meters / moisture tracking / restoration technology

Though the World Wide Web has changed this area immensely, “low-tech” options for automatically tracking moisture in the air have been around for several decades. In fact, basic electronic methods for tracking materials moisture content were produced in the 1960’s. It is truly nothing new, just immensely improved by the micro-electronic age, reducing costs and size. And with our information age capability, the sky is no longer the limit.

Two very important points here to note off the bat: First, these automatic moisture tracking systems are in no way a substitute for personally monitoring a project – not yet anyway. These units do not take multiple readings over the entire structure, they only take sample points where they are deployed. They are simply an indicator to what’s happening. Secondly, the IICRC S500 still mandates daily visits, requiring a technician to check and record multiple points in every affected room at the facility.

Noting this, use of the aforementioned moisture tracking technology has been low in the industry because it seems redundant and costs extra. So then just why do I use them?

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