Documentation: Just Do It

June 3, 2021

Lisa Lavender, M.T.R., M.F.S.R., M.W.R.

KEYWORDS restoration business development / restoration business management / software

Consistently excellent documentation is a key ingredient to operational success. With the technology and tools employed in most of our organizations, it is easier to collect and easier to manage than ever before.

We could open a debate and consider that the needs and amount of documentation has increased, but the reality is that in context of the demands, logistics, and complexities of the industry, it is probably one of the least complicated tasks and yet I believe the source of much frustration within companies. Service, cashflows, efficiency, communications, company credibility, and more can suffer from even a blip in basic documentation.

I am a believer in and educator of documentation in our industry. As a Restoration Poet (not sure that is a thing?), my first poem was an Ode to Documentation:

Can cause much frustration
Pictures & notes are the key
As you do restoration with great glee
If it is a water job
The data and readings you must log
Do not SKIP
Or you will have a blip
As documentation
Thorough and complete
Will make your company
Hard to beat

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