What Keeps You Awake at Night?

July 22, 2010
Chuck Boutall

I remember attending a new drying class in Tennessee, what must be more than 12 years ago now, where Chuck Dewald declared, “Boys, all we have to do is get this industry to the level of plumbers: adjusters never question them!”

Since then, we truly have evolved rapidly in both equipment and expertise, but have we achieved that level? Can we ever get to an unquestionable level? Or do adjusters question plumbers too, and we just think it’s only us? Whatever level we are at, the goal of any industry is to excel in its performance and to benefit the community it serves.

Several things kept me awake when I was performing restoration services full time as a contractor. Making sure employees were trained, that they actually used the training provided, concern over them possibly “burning out” and, of course, the competition from people who throw in a few dehus and fans and leave them in three or four days, testing only with a beep stick for final clearance. Ugh!

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