Understanding the Players in Commercial Restoration

May 5, 2009
Chuck Boutall

Understanding the Players in Commercial Restoration

Many restorers get their first commercial water-damage project through an acquaintance, or by
referral from a previous successful project in the residential or janitorial arena. Although many
of the people involved seem to have the same job description, most of these jobs are more complex,
and there are a few additional people that need to be acknowledged for a most- successful project.

I define a successful commercial project as one in which the building owner, management staff, the
occupants and insurance company are happy with the timely restoration and costs involved, and the
restorer gets paid on time for the work performed. Hey, stop laughing; I was very successful in all
these areas, including getting paid on time, or at least in a timely manner, because I knew how to
communicate with the proper people. Zig Zigler says it best: “You can get what you want if you just
help enough of the right people get what they want.” So the trick is to find out who the right
people are, figure out what they really want and give it to them.

This time out we’re talking about people on the projects themselves, so let’s begin with the
fundamentals. There are three sets of people who have influence on most commercial projects:

  1. The Owner, Management & Maintenance group
  2. The Tenants & Occupants group (the owner’s customers) and
  3. The Insurance group
    Ask me who is the most important group and I will ask you, “On your last vehicle purchase, did you
    want the steering, the braking or the power train?”

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