Where you Stuck Wednesdays

Your friends at Restoration Technical Institute are always here for you with a friendly face, ready to brighten your day. We are also ready to help you through this confusing time. So please let us know where you’re stuck!
Please send all of your questions and “stucks” to info@rtilearning.com. We will video record our answers and post them to our social media platforms every Wednesday. Please don’t be shy about what you want to ask us, chances are that if you are looking for an answer to something, someone else is too. We look forward to hearing from you!

Last week we were asked, “Can you help me to better understand how to manage my team through the pandemic? How do I set rules and get my team to follow them”. In case you missed the answer on our social media, click here watch.

You friends are here for you: Kristen OrgeraChuck BoutallDestry Ransdell, Lisa Lavender

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