Restoring Success: A Truly Happy New Year

On January 2, I drove to work after a nice holiday vacation, my head swirling with clarity and focus, ideas and goal setting; ready to seize the opportunity in the power of the new year. As my thoughts began to organize themselves into departments, people, whys, hows, and priorities, it quickly unraveled. I began thinking of the whirlwind of 2018 and the things that I did not get done, the goals and objectives that I had and failed to fully execute. 

“STOP!”, I told myself. Yes, I talk to myself. I am a big believer that self-talk, what you tell yourself, is one of the biggest influencers of your outcomes, actions, and how you feel. As a leader in an organization, positive self-talk and focus on a successful vision that you control is important to your effectiveness and ability to engage the team in the thriving future ahead, the vision.    
If you are unfamiliar with the concept of self-talk or find yourself beating yourself up and/or not encouraging yourself, take control of your thoughts and your self-talk.
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