Restoring Success: The Curious Restorer

One of the greatest gifts to the modern restorer both new and seasoned is the almost limitless amounts of resources available to us in the context of information and advice. I believe good restorers don’t necessarily know everything; but rather, they are resourceful. Information seeking is a competency that helps us grow professionally in many ways from our technical skills to our soft skills. In being resourceful, you will and should proactively find trusted resources on a variety of topics from technical guidance to conceptual ideas.I will be the first to tell you that all my columns and writing is based on my values and perspectives. A combination of my failures, successes and things that I have learned along the way. Not deliberately nor consciously, but the reality is that my personal thoughts, beliefs, experiences, and more influence the way I present information. Read more on this topic from our COO, Lisa Lavenderhere!

You can find all of Lisa’s articles, which she writes monthly, here.

Posted 9th May by Angela Cremer