Restoring Success: A New Tech Under Your Wing

Starting a new career in the restoration industry can be a bit intimidating to many. After searching high and low for a new technician, you find a new tech; now what? The next step is to get them up and running and engage them in his/her new career. The most basic things we must provide to a new person in our organizations are the tools to succeed. You may have an on-boarding program that helps to bring some deliberate approach to the process. (Are You On Board with Employee On-Boarding?)

A part of the on-boarding process or simply getting someone to be a productive member of the team is training him/her. Unfortunately, there is no magic wand to transfer years of experience, training, and knowledge to a new person; therefore, we must proactively manage this process. To complicate things, most restoration companies offer a variety of services each requiring its own training and expertise.

Luckily, our COO, Lisa Lavender, has a few tricks up her sleeve from years of experience, and she shares them with you here!

You can find all of Lisa’s articles, which she writes monthly, here.

Posted 19th March by Angela Cremer